Personalized support and service according to your needs


When necessary, our technicians can come on site to assist you when a physical intervention is required. For example: maintenance, installation, emergency, etc. **

Thanks to our remote access software, we can offer users remote support for troubleshooting.  When we intervene, you can witness every move made by our technical support and you can decide to put an end to it at any time.

** Extra fees may apply for this service.


– No technician road fees
– Quick intervention
– Skilful and reliable personnel
– High-quality maintenance and service
– Ease of use
– Better productivity
– Simple and efficient
– Available review of intervention history
– Computer control remains in your hands during intervention
– Service included with our service plans
– Immediate intervention available with our emergency service**


Our team will offer management services for your server according to your needs. We provide you with highly-performing servers from the best companies, including: Lenovo, Dell, HP, Qnap and many others. Furthermore, after your server is installed, our team takes care of its maintenance so you can go about your daily business.


Faultless management of your network brings about the stability and speed of your computing equipment’s communication and enables higher business productivity. Our team will closely collaborate with yours to achieve the best technical support and ensure the proper functioning of all your computing equipment.

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