Maintenance and configuration of IP Telephony systems

Comprehensive Management of Telephone Systems

Let your company take a giant leap forward with a performing telephone system. Thanks to our IP Telephony solutions, your clients and partners will easily reach you no matter where you are. Your concerns regarding an expected important call will be over. You will go ahead with your daily business without missing calls.


– Display (name and number)
– Voice Mail
– Company Directory
– Call Park
– Call Following
– Conference Call
– Call Forwarding
– Automatic Call Distribution
– User Availability
– Extension Duplication
– Call Recording (optional)
– Multiple Scheduling for Call Management
– Intercom
– Background Music and more…


No contract –
Retention of Existing Number –
Unlimited Calls Canada / United States –
Line Sharing between your Buildings or Branches –
No Geographical Limit –
Voice Mail Dispatched by E-mail –
Unlimited Extensions –
Unlimited Queues –
No Required Server or Telephone System Maintenance –
No Licensing Fees –


Technical support provided by certified technicians

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